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     I was known for  singing just a little too loud to the car radio back when I was a kid growing  up in Corning, Iowa.   My dream was to be either a professional football player or a rockstar.”  An athlete who also had a passion for music, and a fascination for electronics, Mark graduated from South Western Community College with an Associates Degree in  Electronic Technology.  He quickly landed a job servicing the computer systems at Grinnell College, a well-known alternative to the traditional Ivy League schools that attracted students from all over the world.  Located in the middle of Iowa farm country the environment was smart and open-minded.  Steven Jobs and Intel co-founder Robert Noyce were among the Trustees.   It was a world apart from Iowa, but still in Iowa and the experience was a catalyst for Mark.​

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     You’ll have the ability to listen to your iPod, iPad, iPhone, satellite radio, or from your computer, anywhere in your house or by the pool.  Our systems are designed  so any guest, or one of the family can share their favorite music simply and easily.​

     Today the entire house needs to be covered by a solid,  wired and WiFi network.  Laptops, BluRay DVD Players, DVRs, cell phones, etc… they all need to be connected to the internet.  From a convenient location, we distribute all  of the services needed to run the household. With everything in place and out  of sight, the whole thing comes together without you even noticing.





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     In a conscience decision to see what was beyond Iowa, Mark was accepted into the Electronic Engineering School at Arizona State University.   “I got to Arizona, met a lot of friends and  immediately got sidetracked---I was a small town Iowa boy suddenly overwhelmed by the enormity of being away from home for the first time and lost focus.”  While contemplating his future at ASU, in a moment that Mark describes as being a bit out of character even though he had fantasized about being a professional musician, Mark answered an ad for a band looking for a guitarist. He auditioned and got the job.​

     The band became known as Caterwaul and had a record deal  within the year recording first for a small independent label and eventually  being signed with Miles Copeland’s I.R.S. records in Los Angeles.

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     Imagine starting a movie in the Media Room, getting popcorn from the Kitchen, then moving to the Bedroom… You can watch the movie from any of these locations without missing a scene. The advantage of a distributed video system is that it allows you to watch anything from anywhere in the house. What you need is at your fingertips, we keep the rest of the business hidden behind the scenes.​

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     Turning on your TV  or favorite music, does not have to be a chore!   We can replace all of your remotes with a simple to use Touch Screen  controller, whether you need a handheld in the Bedroom, or an in-wall next to  the Kitchen.

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     Great home theater rooms start with a shared vision between  the interior designer, Custom LA, and you the home owner.  A home theater is anchored by a high  performance projector, a surround system, and custom selected wall treatment; creating the experience of a personalized Hollywood movie theater.​

     The band packed up, moved to LA and immediately headlined at the Scream Club and Club Lingerie.  “I was  living below the poverty line, about seven of us stuffed into a tiny back  garage in the Valley, but getting great reviews for our music.  It was a 6 1/2 years of being a struggling and starving artist, and it remains one of the toughest and best  times of my life!”

     Caterwaul toured most of the United States, England and Japan breaking into the top 25 on Billboard’s Alternative Charts.  When the band broke up, Mark moved away from Los Angeles returning in the mid-90’s working at The Good Guys.